My experience with 3interactive has been incredible. Their dynamic staff helped my business grow exponentially!

About 3 Interactive

Founded in 2003, 3 Interactive is a leading digital media agency that offers time-strapped media buyers an effective, affordable and fully integrated approach to planning, purchasing and managing online advertising campaigns.

Our long-standing partnerships with local newspaper, TV and radio sites allow us to give you premium placement in any market across the country. And our dynamic network of tier-one national sites gives you an extraordinary reach of nearly 100 million unique visitors per month.

Our mission is simple. To help you maximize campaign results and increase ROI. We do this through sound strategic planning, aggressive optimization, premium site selection, strong rate negotiation, pinpoint-targeting and powerful historical data. As a true "one stop shop" media partner, you'll enjoy one invoice, one contract and one media buy.

Over the years we've become a trusted partner to top agencies, media companies and online publishers across the country. We pride ourselves on being an aggressive and reliable client advocate during your mission critical moments.

Underneath it all is our proprietary and irresistible Magnetic Media Method.™ It attracts a precise and highly receptive demographic, helping clients routinely exceed their campaign goals. We invite you to feel the pull.