Advertisers / Targeting
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Sophisticated Targeting

Sophisticated targeting methods make your advertising campaign "highly magnetic" to precise audiences who are most likely to respond favorably.

Demographic Targeting
Using multiple data sources including vendor, partner and historical data, 3 Interactive can tailor a campaign to reach a very precise target defined by a number of variables including gender, age range, household income, household size and type, ethnicity, and geographic region.

Behavioral Targeting
Knowing how people behave can be exceedingly useful in reaching a receptive audience. We can target consumers who have shown interest in your client's products or similar products.

Geographic Targeting
Through geographic targeting, we can target a campaign to specific countries, states/provinces, DMAs and cities. This is accomplished by running on sites local to their desired markets, as well as targeting via viewers' IP addresses across national sites.

Once we've identified audiences who have visited a client's landing page, we can position client ads in front of them again and again, prompting them to follow through with a final purchase.

Vertical Targeting
Because likes and interests play into purchasing decisions, we can pair brands with related verticals including news, business, sports, entertainment, health, financial, travel, women, men and reference.

Time of Day / Day of Week Targeting
Spikes in campaign performance for many brands are distinctly related to the time of day or week. For instance, some brands perform better when at-work viewers are targeted.

Frequency Capping
By optimizing the frequency that a single consumer sees an ad within a given period of time (one time in a 24-hour day, once every 12 hours, etc.), we can increase performance for a smaller percentage of your overall budget.

Publisher / Site Optimization
Because all of our publishers are individually tagged, we are able to maximize campaign performance. This enables us to push traffic to top performing sites, an essential tactic for the success of direct response campaigns.

Creative Optimization
Testing multiple creative approaches provides critical information on how ads perform with respective audiences. Different creative approaches may yield unique results per site, and must be optimized accordingly.

Click & Conversion Tracking
Monitoring click tracking and conversion tracking for each campaign allows us to create benchmarks and then optimize targeting for future performance.

Other Targeting Capabilities Include:
IOS Targeting, Mobile Targeting, Browser Targeting, Contextual Targeting, Device Targeting, Keyword Targeting, Bandwidth Targeting, Language Targeting, Content Targeting and more